The RoadWorker  and UtilityWorker  Advantage

No need for a PTO or to mount a hydraulic tank under a truck. The RoadWorker comes with its own diesel engine beginning at 24HP, and the UtilityWorker 30HP.

Industrial Design for Strength  
Just one look at these Units and you’ll agree. They are 100% industrial. So many machines are under engineered resulting in maintenance problems and reduced life. Both these Units are just the opposite. They are built to last.

Easily Transferable Between Trucks
When one truck needs maintenance, just transfer the RoadWorker or UtilityWorker to another truck. It only takes four bolts, a tractor or a forklift. These Units can be shared with different crews throughout your organization without losing a truck from your fleet.

Hydraulic Power
Either Unit can be designed to operate just about any hydraulic tool according to your specific needs.

Hand – Held Pendant Control
Every member of your crew can operate this powerful machine in a safe controlled manner.

Time Saver
Why pull a trailer for a small tractor or a loader? Why hassle with a two man auger? Just drive up to the job site, step out and let the RoadWorker or UtilityWorker do the rest.

Easy to Maintain
Both the RoadWorker and UtilityWorker were designed and built by a maintenance man with maintenance in mind.

Flexible With Many Options
Optional tools and quick disconnects turns these Units into a multi – tool machine and greatly increases crew productivity.

120V Inverter Option
There’s always a need for 120v power. Another problem solved by Mojave’s “RoadWorker” and “UtilityWorker”.




Helical Earth Anchor



RoadWorker on Flatbed