Solar Equipment

Solar Installation Equipment

ViperTrackSolar Structure Foundation Post/Piles and Helical Earth Anchors can now be installed in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective manner using Mojave’s Compact Pile Driver the Mojave ViperTrack.

Mojave’s ViperTrack comes in 3 models: VTX-6T-M16 for up to 16′ posts, and VTX-6T-M21 80″ track Width and our new VTX-8T-M21 101″ Track Width for up to 21′ posts. I/H Beams, round or square posts can be hydraulically hammered or rammed, for installation. Rubber track and Bolt-On Rubber Track Pads machines are available. All ViperTrack Models are designed for pile removal. All ViperRam QT Hammers are sound dampened which makes life a little quieter for the operators and nearby projects.

The VTX-8TA-M21, a New Model, is now available which is fully articulated 360 Degrees and comes with an optional QT Billet Die Holder that can install up to 12″x12″ piles. The QT Billet Die Holder can also be rotated 90 Degrees in 2 minutes. Magnetic Pile alignment guides are now standard on all ViperTrack units. QT Billet Die Holders are sound dampened and what a difference it makes. Our Units have 5-axis directional authority. Units operate intuitively and with ease. Computerized Mast leveling and Laser Height Cut-Off Systems are available.
Local GPS ready, Laser Cut-off, Belly Pack w/Joy Stick, FM controls and Operator Feedback Screen are also options.

Mojave’s ViperTrack is several tools in one. With just a change of tool, Helical Anchors can be turned into the ground with very low soil disturbance with great positional accuracy. Got Rocks? Mojave Industrial Tools’ ViperDrill* is for drilling solid rock. Change out the Tool and take care of the difficult holes with much less time and cost than most other engineering methods. Mojave’s Patented Clamp and Guides options are designed for the thin post/pile profiles for maximized cost efficiency. Mojave Industrial Tool’s R&D Department is always busy working on improvements for post installations for the Solar Industry. Keep an eye on us for the latest technology to make your job easier. If you need to meet the CARB emission standards, we can get you what you need. We are listening to the Solar Industry to meet your needs. Need a lease program for your Project? Give us a call today at 760-373-0444.