Earth Anchors

Installing Earth Anchors With The RoadWorker

Earth AnchorsInstalling Earth Anchors for Oil Drilling Rigs is the Newest usage of the RoadWorker. Oil field Customers in Malaysia have found that the small footprint and movability of the RoadWorker works well in the mountains and small roads in jungle areas. With their older system, they had to build special roads for the large machine. The RoadWorker eliminates this extra work and expense, allowing them to get the work done within their contract time frame.

When you need an Earth Anchor screwed into the ground, consider using a RoadWorker. Retaining walls, slope Earth Anchorsstabilization, buoyancy control, estuary banks, utility systems, vineyards, orchards, tree stabilization are many of the uses that a RoadWorker can be used. The RoadWorker can install the anchor easily, safely, with less ground disturbance, and get into areas that a large unit cannot fit.

The RoadWorker is also cost effective for the smaller jobs.
It eliminates the dangers of a two-man auger. The RoadWorker, the new Earth Anchor Solution!